DoD Information Repository (IR) Site Access & Information
The DoD Information Repository (IR), as the authoritative source for DoD waveforms and associated communications products, contains waveform software source code and supporting technical data.  This includes all waveforms approved by the DoD Command, Control, and Communications Leadership Board (C3LB).  The DoD IR is a cyber-hardened information system developed by the Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) in accordance with DoD Instruction 4630.09, Communication Waveform Management and Standardization.

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Accessing the DoD IR: 
1. To access the website, users must have a valid DoD PKI or ECA Certificate. DoD users can access the DoD Information Re
pository site with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates on their Common Access Card (CAC). Non-DoD personnel must obtain PKI certificates from a DoD approved External Certification Authority (ECA) vendor. There are currently two approved ECA vendors: WidePoint and IdenTrust, Inc. For more information on the services offered by each vendor, please refer to the websites listed below.

                                WidePoint (formerly ORC)
​                                Identrust, Inc.

2.   Prior to requesting DoD IR products, users must register on the website.
In addition to the PKI certificate requirement, in order to access DoD IR waveform software source code and supporting technical data, users must register for a DoD IR account through the
DoD IR website.
For more information or technical support, please email or visit the DoD IR website.

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DrScanTM Services Available on JCM

JTNC is now offering DrScanTM  data rights scanning for DoD Government employees through the JCM website, hosted by the DoD Information Repository (IR). DrScanTM  uses an innovative method of scanning and grouping data rights markings to created detailed reports of technical data and computer software packages, reducing review time for data rights markings. DrScanTM Reports help intellectual property (IP) analysts and contract managers efficiently conduct IP markings checks that verify Government entities receive the data rights being procured under contract.




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