JTNC is now offering DrScan® data rights scanning for DoD Government employees through the JCM website, hosted by the DoD Information Repository (IR). DrScan® uses an innovative method of scanning and grouping data rights markings to create detailed reports of technical data and computer software packages, reducing review time for data rights markings. DrScan® Reports help intellectual property (IP) analysts and contract managers efficiently conduct IP markings checks that verify Government entities receive the data rights being procured under contract.
The Joint Tactical Networking Center provides expert wireless communications technical support to Under Secretary for Acquisition and Sustainment (A&S)​ and DoD CIO related policy initiatives and governance processes which are aimed at ensuring secu​re, interoperable, and resilient tactical capabilities.​
Secure, interoperable, and resilient tactical capabilities aligned to modular open architectures in support of Service, Multi-Service, and Coalition forces.​​
To enable the DoD's rapid identification, characterization, procurement, fielding and sustainment of modular, innovative tactical communications products that ensure secure, interoperable, and resilient Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities.
Facilitating interoperability with commercial, international, and military standards and Compliance with relevant open system architectures.
Enabling support for intended application and capability; and improvements over registered waveform capabilites for spectrum efficiency and access flexibility.​
Enabling Compliance with DoD cybersecurity and information assurance practices and Conformance with NSA cryptographic modernization program initiatives.
Contact DoDIRCustomerService@us.navy.mil for more information about the DrScan® Tool.
SAN DIEGO - April 23, 2024
The JTNC executes its mission in cooperation with the Services and other Government agencies, with particular attention paid to ensuring that interagency work is collaborative, with the goal of eliminating duplicative capabilities. The JTNC centers its activities on the five core functions identified in the JTNC Charter:

//DoD Information Repository//
//Technical Analysis//
//Open Systems Architecture Standards//
//Exportability Analysis and Licensing Review//
//Technical Advisor//